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                                           The Only Dual Functioning Acoustic Wave Therapeutic Device

Designed & Engineered in the United States


Dual functioning Acoustic Wave Technologies


The state of the art interface is designed to easily navigate between protocols, modalities, frequency, and energy settings while choosing the appropriate technological mode for therapeuctic treatments. 


Features & Benefits

  • Dual Shock Wave Technologies
  • Self Cooling Electromagnetic Hand Piece
  • Ergonomic Pneumatic Hand Piece with Precision Control
  • 10 " High Definition Digital Touch Screen Control
  • Portable and Transports Easily between Treatment Areas
  • On Screen Instructions for Each Treatment Protocol

EWST, Shock wave device,

Revolutionary Design

           Experience both Electromagnetic and Pneumatic driven extracorporeal shockwave technologies integrated within the first dual functioning acoustic wave therapeutic device. 

Dual Technologies in One Device


Electromagnetic Technical Specifications

  • Energy                          10-200 mJ
  • Frequency                    1-22 Hz
  • Penetration Depth       30-45 mm

2 million pulse expectancy.

Electromagnetic Adapter heads 

10 mm Radial, 15 mm Focused, 15 mm Radial, 20 mm Radial, 39 mm Radial


Pneumatic Technical Specifications

  • Penetration Depth       30-55 mm
  • Intensity Bar                 1-6 Bar
  • Frequency                     1-21 Hz
  • Pulse Length                 10-20 ms

2 million pulse expectancy

Pneumatic Adapter Heads

6 mm Flat, 10 mm Flat, 15 mm Flat, 15 mm Radial,

15 mm Focused, 20 mm Flat, 20 mm Radial, 20 mm Focused,

25 mm Flat, 25 mm Radial, 25 mm Focused.

Apex Magnum

Self Cooling Electromagnetic shock wave hand piece

Electromagnetic Acoustic Wave Self Cooling Handpiece

Dual Technology


Dual Technology Hand Pieces Engineered for Precision 

High Definition Touch Screen


State of the art Interface Includes Protocols and Instructions


The Premier Dual Technology Acoustic wave device.

Easily transfers between treatment areas. 

Engineered with Precision

Shock wave, Acoustic wave, EWST,

           Ideal for all Clinical Settings 

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